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A pleasant day…


in Maine.  About a month ago Chuck and I decided to take a ride, we loaded Gracie into the car and headed northeast.

Gracie loves the car

Gracie loves the car


There are so many amazing places to visit in Maine that we often have a hard time deciding where to go.  Chuck had read about Owls Head, Maine in Downeast Magazine.  We read that there is an amazing little general store where you can get “the best hamburger in Maine”  It is called the Owls Head General Store and let me tell you they have the best hamburgers in Maine.

We grabbed our hamburgers, chips and lemonade and headed to the Owls Head State Park.  It was a beautiful day so a lot of people had the same idea.  We spotted a picnic table in the shade with an amazing view and plopped ourselves down to enjoy “the best hamburger in Maine”.

our lunch time view

our lunch time view

The lighthouse is a short walk from the picnic area.  I love lighthouses – I love the views that you see at lighthouses, typically they are situated in a spot where it can be seen for miles – because of this when you visit the lighthouses the views go on for miles.

Owls Head Lighthouse

Owls Head Lighthouse




We love visiting the Lighthouses of Maine.  There are a lot that we have not seen yet but we have a list and one by one we will be checking them off of our list.  Many we will visit more than once because they are such special places.

Of course during this ride we went past a few quilt shops – during that time of year many quilt shops through out the country were participating in a program called The Row by Row experience.  The shops that were participating have designed a row, you collect the rows from the various shops and then make a quilt out of them.  During the summer I was fortunate to collect patterns from Maine, New York, Vermont and New Hampshire.  The quilter who gets 7 rows made into a quilt first and brings it to a participating shop wins a prize.  I have not even started mine yet but I will make the rows and show them to you at some point.

Chuck and I had a wonderful day, we saw some beautiful views and in the end had an ice cream cone.  What more can you ask for – lighthouses, quilt shops, good food, great company, a dog and an ice cream cone.  Seems like a wonderful way to spend a summer day.

Have a great day….

Be Kind…