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Wow! Who could have ever predicted that we would be asked to stay home for at least 2 week? Who could have imagined that schools, restaurants, hair salons and beaches would all be closed? It is a strange thing to not know when you are going to hug the people you love again. It is strange to be told to stay 6 feet away from people that you usually hug when you see them. It is strange to have meetings cancelled and to wave to your neighbors from a far. It is really strange to not be able to buy Toilet Paper.

I am very blessed to live in a beautiful area where I can go for a walk away from a lot of people.

Biddeford Pool, ME

I have a freezer full of food and a pantry that my daughter calls the “bomb shelter”. By that she means that I have just about everything that I need to be well fed for quiet awhile. I do not take for granted that there are a lot of people who don’t have this advantage. I also like to cook and typically make everything from scratch. When we couldn’t find bread that we liked I baked my own.

Before the governor told us ask us to stay home we gathered in a backyard and practiced social distancing so that we could see a face other than the ones we live with. It was a chilly, breezy day on the coast of Maine but it was fun to talk to good friends and commiserate about the stress and uncertainty that we were all feeling. We talked about the programs we were binge watching and we had a cocktail to reduce the stress.

Social distancing

Now we are all staying home…. only going out to the store for necessities. I haven’t shopped in over a week and don’t plan to until it is absolutely necessary.

I have been making masks for family members – I have a lot of fabric and I love to sew. If I can’t feed the people I love I will make them masks.

Face masks for family

So while we wait for the curve to flatten and the numbers to go down and the weather to warm up we will just have to do what we can to stay calm. My quarantini’s help.

Stay home, stay safe, stay sane and most of all stay well. This to shall pass and soon we will all be visiting and hugging and seeing the people that we love the most!

Be Kind….

Faith in ME