Summer and family….

Almost every year for the past 15 or so years all of our children and their children have joined us for the Fourth of July. We spend time at the beach, we swim in the pool, we cook, we eat, we dance and we share. We make memories of summertime spent in Maine. It is a very important reunion for all of us and we always make the supreme effort to make it happen.

Some of us spent the afternoon reading and some braved the cold water to boogy board. The waves were not great but it is always fun.

This is an example of an after beach snack. None of us had any lunch and we still had to make dinner so we snacked. This is a tray that I purchased from Pier 1… it is huge and can be used for all sorts of gatherings. There was enough food to feed our very hungry crowd.

We always enjoy the company of family and the beautiful location that we live in.

I truly hope that this is a tradition that we continue and hold dear for many years to come.

Enjoy your summer and

Be Kind…


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