Once in a lifetime…

If you are a lover of dogs you understand that everyone has a once in a lifetime dog, Gracie was that to us.  Gracie was our second chocolate labrador retriever and she wasn’t at all what we expected.  Gracie was calm, quiet and gentle.  That is not to say that she didn’t have her wild moments, or that she didn’t take us on a merry chase from time to time but overall she was the easiest puppy we ever had.

Gracie grew up near the ocean and one of her favorite things to do was to run into the waves.  It could be the middle of the summer or Christmas morning if we took her off of her leash she was in the water jumping over the waves.

Gracie also had a pool in the backyard. One of her favorite summer time treats was taking her lap in the pool.

Last week we had to say goodbye to our sweet girl. To say that our hearts are broken doesn’t seem to express the level of sadness that we feel. We shared every day with her for over 11 years and if we could have had a few more it would have been wonderful. Dogs come into our lives and brighten our days, greet us with love and affection whether it has been 10 minutes or 10 days since they have seen us. They love unconditionally and we love them back just as much. I can say that we gave Gracie a good life but whatever we gave her can not measure up to the love and companionship that she gave us. I will miss her snuggling on my feet under my desk, I will miss her putting her head on my lap an telling me it is time to stop sewing and to go to bed. I will miss her knocking my i-pad closed when she wanted my attention. I will miss her!

Her little companion Stella is missing her and doesn’t seem to understand why she is gone. The rides in the car are a bit lonely right now.

Thank you Gracie for being our sweet girl.

Be Kind….


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