Where have I been?

Well obviously not writing my blog.  I have been making quilts and doing a lot of cooking.  I have had both of my knees replaced and I have been enjoying life in Maine.

I have been making quilts – because that is what I do, I make quilts.  Here are some pictures of quilts that I have made.

I have also done a bit of traveling. My sister-in-law Gail had a big birthday this year so we went to Florida for a visit.

We went to Boston for a couple of games. First the Bruins…

Then the Red Sox…

And finally we had some visitors for the Fourth of July – like we do most years. It was wonderful, the weather was amazing, the food (in my humble opinion was awesome) and the company was stellar. Such a wonderful family tradition.

So that is where I have been. I hope you are enjoying your summer – I am still making quilts and will have some more to show you soon. Some new and different things that I am working on. Lots of hand applique in these new quilts which takes me a lot longer, but I love the results.

Enjoy the warm weather and remember….

Be Kind


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