I Jumped!

I have been thinking of starting a blog for a very long time.  I have had lots of doubts about it – I wonder…..

Who will read it?

Will anyone care about what I have to say?

What will I say?

Then I think I have never had a difficult time talking to people so now I will just talk in a different way.  Written words rather than spoken words.

Well here goes – I am going to share some of my favorite things (think “girls in white dressed with blue satin sashes”) – my quilting, my cooking, the beach, the ocean – a few of my favorite things.  I will share things that I create and things that are beautiful around me.

Hopefully I will be able to make you laugh or smile with me.  See some of the things that I create out of fabric and some of the beautiful coast of Maine.

Please let me know what you think….. be kind.

One thought on “I Jumped!

  1. Congratulations on your Leap of Faith (pun intended)! The name Quilting on the Cove makes me smile and I look forward to reading your blog. You have a lot of talent and creativity to share! Love, Nadine

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