It’s Coming

It’s Coming…..

Yes, I am talking about Christmas.  Ok before you bite my head off think about it, 43 days.  I don’t know where the year has gone; it seems like a few weeks ago I was planning a new garden for the backyard.  That is long gone at this point, so let’s start planning now.

When I was pregnant for my daughter my due date was in February.  That year I had all of my shopping done by Thanksgiving.  I still had some sewing to do but I didn’t have to leave the house except to grocery shop.  I had plenty of time to decorate, to bake cookies, to wrap presents and to enjoy the season.  Now Elizabeth was born 24 years ago and I haven’t been that organized since 1987.  Pretty pathetic!!!  Every year I remember the joy of the season that I felt that year, every year I say that I am going to get organized and get things done.  Ha-ha, it hasn’t happened yet but maybe this year!  If I could just get everything ready by the first of December I would be overjoyed.

Starting today I am going to try to get one holiday gift item started or finished or purchased every day.  I have a long list of Quilty type gifts to make for the people that I love.  The list includes quilts, totes, stockings, wall-hangings, table runners, pillowcases; the list could take up pages and pages.  Most of the fabric has been purchased, the buttons, bows, zippers, and trims are lined up on my shelves.

As I get things completed I will share them here with you.  I may show you a picture; I may just give you a description and wait until after the holidays for the show and share.  I don’t want the recipients to know what they are getting.  It may be fun to have pictures of the items and the person who received it.  We will have to wait and see.

So hang on and prepare with me – remember to enjoy the season, smile when you shop, don’t be angry when someone cuts you off, hum Christmas Carols it will really annoy the grinches,  most importantly wish people a Merry Christmas!

Be Kind….


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