Spontaneous Charity…

I am a member and currently the President of Evergreen Quilters. We are a chapter of The Pine Tree Quilt Guild, which is the state of Maine Quilt Guild. Last night was our annual Pot Luck Holiday Party/meeting. One of the things that we really enjoy doing is helping the less fortunate. Last night we were told about an article in the local newspaper. There is a children’s home in Waterville, Maine called Maine’s Children’s Home for Little Wanderers, because of the donations to Sandy their donations this year are drastically down. They are concerned that they will not be able to provide the Christmas gifts that they usually do. One of our members brought this up at the meeting last night. We passed a basket and collected $213. It was such a nice end to our wonderful party.

We have such an abundance of blessings – sometimes we have to stop and think and share those blessings. We also filled the back of an SUV with homemade tote bags and for the Battered Woman’s Shelter in our county. Because we do this, the shelter is able to use some of their funding for other items that the woman and their children will need.

Many of us are very blessed – we just need to pay it forward. When you pass the Salvation Army bell ringers drop a dollar in the red kettle. When you go shopping grab an extra can of soup or tuna or a box of Mac and Cheese and drop it in the collection box at the front of the store. Every little bit counts. There are so many who need help, the smallest deed when done by many can really add up.

Share your blessings and be Kind…


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