Merry Christmas to all of my friends and family spread here and there. It is very early on Christmas morning. The rest of the house is very quiet, not at all like when the kids were younger when they woke us up before dawn. They would be so excited they could barely stand it. Those days were wonderful and that is what makes Christmas so much fun.


I have to say that I love this stage of Christmas in my life. We sat in the sunroom last night, after a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner, we listened to Christmas music and talked. We told old stories about Christmas pasts and we laughed about each other’s memories. We talked about what our favorite Christmas memories were, we talked about what our best ever gift was. It was relaxing and enlightening and wonderful.



My daughter Elizabeth and I will watch “A Christmas Story” today. It is one of our traditions that started many years ago – Elizabeth was sick one Christmas and we sat and watched it together. That started the tradition. We will open gifts, eat a big breakfast, watch sports and Christmas movies, eat too much dinner and too many cookies.

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

We may take a walk near the ocean either on the beach or along the ocean. We will be together, we will laugh, we will tease each other and we will make new memories.

I hope that you have a day worth remembering at a later date, a day that will stay with you throughout the year to make you smile in a quiet moment. A day that is not about the gifts, or the menu but about the time together. Enjoy, and take the time to appreciate your blessings.

Be kind….

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