Oh Baby it’s Cold Outside…..

Brrr – When I got up this morning it was 1 degree outside.  It is currently 4 degrees – wow what a warm up.  It hasn’t been this cold in Maine in years – I believe the weather man said this morning that the last time it was this cold was 2000.  Thirteen years is a really long time for mild weather.  Don’t panic this is not a post about Global Warming.  It is more a post about past memories of cold weather and snow.

When our children were born we lived in the Town of Westerlo.  It is a small town in upstate NY in the beautiful Helderberg Mountains.  It is the southwest corner of Albany county but it is a world away from most of the county.  It  is just high enough in elevation to make it snow when it is raining in Albany.  It is always a little bit colder “in the Hilltowns” than it is off the hill.  When our children were little we would guess how cold it would be when we pulled into the driveway.  You would have to have your guess in before we started up the hill.  Very often the change in temperature could be as much as 5 degrees.

First house - Westerlo, NY 1986

First house – Westerlo, NY 1986

This is the house that we lived in.  It was built about 1856.  It was a lovely home and I miss it.  We have many very happy memories of family times and parties in this house.

I used to love it when it snowed – I actually still do.  I like to make some comfort food – chicken pot pie, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, pot roast, just to name a few.  A pot of soup or chili are always good choices on snowy days.

Charles 20 months old

Charles 20 months old

This is picture of Charles when he was about 20 months old.

He loved being pulled around the yard in his sled.  He was one cool dude with his shades on.  I used to love kissing those cold rosy cheeks!  Memories are wonderful.

Elizabeth 2 years old

Elizabeth 2 years old

As you can see in these pictures my little darlings were all bundled up for the snow.

Charles 3 years old

Charles 3 years old

They were probably outside for about 30 minutes before complaining that they were cold.  I am sure that Daddy had something to do with the building of the snowman.

Snowman winter 1991

Snowman winter 1991

We don’t have snow like that any more.  Of course a big part of that is where we live.  Some years we have alot of snow and other years like 2012 we have no snow.  Right now we have cold but not alot of snow.

So if you go outside – bundle up and be sure you have a big cup of hot chocolate or tea waiting for you when you come inside.

Enjoy  – this too shall pass.  In July and August we will be complaining about how hot it is.

Be Kind…


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