Unexpected treasures….

1860's Civil War Quilt made in Hopkinton, MA

1860’s Civil War Quilt made in Hopkinton, MA

You just never know where you will find a treasure. I have a very friendly relationship with the Postmaster at the nearby Post Office. It is a little Post Office that thankfully is not going to close – it is only having its hours cut. It is amazing how much people in little towns depend upon their PO’s. It is sort of like the village center – especially when you live in areas that are full of people in the summer and little bit empty in winter. That is in no way a complaint! We have a wonderful little community here in Biddeford Pool, we have an active community club that has loads of activities all winter long to keep us all in touch. No Cabin Fever here.

But I digress….back to the topic of this post.  A Civil War quilt from the 1860’s!!!!!  Terry – the Postmaster – brought this amazing record of American History for me to see today.  It was made by someone in his family in the Boston area in commemoration of the soldiers in the war.  It seems to have been made by one person.  All of the names and towns appear to be written by the same person.

Boston, MA

Boston, MA

close up of signatures

close up of signatures

Stars in the corner

Stars in the corner

tells where the man was killed

tells where the man was killed

The quilt doesn’t have any batting in it.  It has been very lightly quilted and it clearly has been well taken care of because it is in remarkable condition.  It is stored properly in a archival box wrapped with acid free paper.

I am amazed by this quilt – I don’t know very much about it but I am thrilled that Terry shared it with me.  I of course, would love to have spent hours looking at it.  I would love to know about the maker of the quilter and her history, why she felt compelled to make this quilt.  Was it a quilt made by a group or just a single person?  So many unanswered questions.  It such a wonderful treat to see this quilt up close and comfortable.  Thank you Terry.

This is part of the reason that we quilters quilt.  To leave something behind, to be creative, to keep our families and friends warm with something substantial and creative, something from our hearts and hands.  Quilts remember when the maker is long gone.  They hold the memories of happiness and tragedy, of new beginnings and lost loves.  Quilters quilt when they are happy, when they are mourning, when they are expecting new things in their lives.  Most quilters these days quilt as a creative outlet – years ago many women quilted out of necessity.  They needed to keep their loved ones warm.  No matter the reason it is wonderful to see a quilt that has documented a very sad time in our nation’s history and is still here to remind us of it.

Be Kind…..


2 thoughts on “Unexpected treasures….

  1. Faith, what an awesome quilt. I collect antique quilts. I have never seen a red white and Blue autograph before, that one is wonderful! Thanks for sharing

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