The Best Laid Plans….OOPS!


So, the beginning of the oops started with purchasing a new sewing machine last week. My goal over the weekend was to totally straighten up all of my scraps so that I could sew, sew, sew with no guilt. As I was pulling scraps out of the many containers of scraps I started to remember – “Oh I made Elizabeth a jumpsuit out of that fabric”, “I used this in the quilts that I made when we were furnishing our first condo in Maine”, the list goes on and on. I was getting nostalgic, so of course I needed to sew.

I pulled out my Accuquilt Go and started to cut different shaped hearts.

Accuquilt Go

Accuquilt Go

I was using my scraps. No yardage was cut in the making of these table runners.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

I happened to take a quick picture of my work in progress to send to Elizabeth –she of course loved it so I offered to make one for her as well. I worked on these all weekend – finishing the last stitch just as the Super Bowl was ending.







Back to the new sewing machine, I purchased a new Janome Memory Craft 7700 QCP

photo (34)

Don’t get me wrong, I love my vintage machines and I will continue to use them but this new machine is a gem. My old Bernina 1230 is still chugging along and doing well but it has a very narrow throat 6”, very difficult to put a quilt through that narrow space. The new machine has an 11” throat. Wonderful! It also has many other features that make quilting a larger quilt much easier. It is really the reason that I bought the machine. So I had to give these new features a try. What fun I had and these 2 table runners are the first of many projects that this machine will help me create.


I used an applique buttonhole stitch to sew the hearts on and the free motion quilting feature to quilt the runners. I will not win any awards for these pieces but there is a learning curve and these are sort of my practice runs. I thought why use a bunch of scraps and thread to just practice – why not make something?

Of course I still have 3 baskets full of scraps and my closet still needs to be straightened out but I had a great time making these. So I will continue to sort scraps and straighten closets until another creative surge hits and then I will stop and sew, sew, sew.

Be Kind….


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