Happy Valentine’s Day….

IMG_2366Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my valentine’s.

I used to love Valentine’s Day when I was little.  We would dig into our mother’s package of paper doilies and pull out all of the pink and red construction paper and decorate our shoe boxes.  We would cut out hearts with our little silver child safe scissors and glue all of the hearts and doilies to the shoe box that we had saved from the start of school (when we got our new shoes).  We would have our mother slice a slit in the top so that all of our classmates could give us a valentine.   There was always a party with fruit punch and cupcakes decorated with pink frosting with sprinkles.  I remember Valentine’s Day being one of my favorite school days.

I am sure that this would all be politically incorrect these days and children are probably not allowed to participate in a party like this lest someone’s feeling will be hurt.  So sad that the powers that be can’t let children just be children any more.

Years ago my darling daughter made me this lovely little heart pin.  I still wear it every year on Valentine’s Day.  I am wearing it now.

Especially handmade by Elizabeth for her Mom.

Especially handmade by Elizabeth for her Mom.

My Valentine gave me this lovely orchid for Valentine’s Day.  I have several other Orchids in various stages on bloom.  One that my children gave me is blooming for the third time.  They are amazingly easy to care for and so beautiful to have in my home.

photo (46)

For those of you who don’t realize it today is also Ferris Wheel Day.

I always loved the Ferris Wheel when I went to a fair or carnival. I especially loved it when it would stop at the top and you could look out over the entire fair.

So have a very happy Valentine’s day and try to remember the last time you were on a Ferris Wheel – maybe it was with your special Valentine.

Be Kind…


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