My new I-Pad cover…

photo (64)

I take my I-Pad everywhere. I rarely leave the house with out it. I decided that although I have a cover for it I needed a bit more protection…not to mention something that was just a bit more my style. When I put my I-pad in my bag the magnetic cover sometimes opens which could lead to scratches or a dead battery. I decided that I would make one – Big Surprise right???

I googled covers and tons of covers that I could buy popped up – then I turned to Pinterest. All I needed was an idea – I had a pretty good plan already bouncing around my brain but I wanted to see what others were making. Sure enough loads of good ideas popped up on Pinterest. Many very similar to what I had been thinking about.

I took some measurements, thought about what materials I had on hand, wondered how I could use scraps rather than cutting “new” fabric and this is what I came up with.

Here are some of the stitches that I used to decorate it.

photo (66)

photo (68)

I used velcro to secure it when my I-pad is in it.  I am very pleased with the way it turned out.  Here are a few more pictures of the final product.

photo (67)photo (65)










So that is my latest little creation.  It is snowing again here in Maine.  It is pretty, but I am ready for Spring.  Winter just wants to hang on tight but eventually Spring will win and little green shoots will be poking up through the dirt and I will be very excited.

Enjoy your day…


Be Kind…


2 thoughts on “My new I-Pad cover…

  1. Very nicely done. Just popped in to see what you ‘ve been up to. Great Bonnie Hunter class Sunday, wasn’t it!

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