One of my favorite times of year…

Today am not going to write much – instead I am going to let the pictures do the talking.

Iris split and transplanted from my neighbor Helen's garden.

Iris split and transplanted from my neighbor Helen’s garden.

What a Beauty

What a Beauty

Some of my peonies.  I love them and so do the ants.










I love the way the purple of the Iris contrasts with the orange of the Poppies.  I would never think to pair these 2 colors together but nature does it and it works beautifully.






My Dogwood Tree is beginning to bloom – when this is in full bloom it is absolutely amazing!





Some of the pretty colors from my potted plants:












I hope you enjoyed this little tour of some of my flowers –

When I am struggling with color choices for a quilt, I will look at the wonderful pictures of Spring and Summer.  I usually can find the answer in the garden.  If I would see the colors together in nature then they are OK together in a quilt.  So when you are undecided walk outside – if you see it in the garden go for it you may be really pleasantly surprised.

Rain is coming tonight – we have had way more than our share of rain this Spring.  I just hope that the weather patterns change soon or we will be having a cool, damp summer.  Not good for the gardens or the local seasonal businesses.


Be Kind….



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