Fun weekend & Mabel visits Maine part 2…

Jacoby Ellsbury hitting a triple

Jacoby Ellsbury hitting a triple

What a wonderful weekend I just had.  Friday night we went to Boston to see the Red Sox.  We met our daughter in Boston, sat at the bar at Jerry Remy’s, had a couple of cold beers and some nachos and just talked.  It was wonderful to have some time to just visit and be silly.  Our daughters boyfriend met us later for dinner and then we went to the game.

photo (12)

We had fabulous seats and had a really nice evening.  Got back to Maine at about midnight.  Phew long, but great day.  Sadly the Sox lost.

On Saturday our son and his girlfriend came to visit.  Of course they brought their 5 month old, 70 lb. English Mastiff named Mabel.

Mabel is a very large, very sweet dog.  She has her crazy times as do all puppies but then she gives you a big sloppy English Mastiff kiss and all is right with the world.




The weather was absolutely beautiful.  The temps are perfect, no humidity.  We had some wonderful meals together, the kids and Mabel went to the beach for a walk.

A man and his dog.

A man and his dog.

We have determined that Mabel does not like the water.  We tried to get her into the pool but she wanted no part of that.  When we brought her to the beach she skittered away from the waves.  Some dogs like the water and some just don’t.  Mabel is a don’t.

photo (14)

Mabel thinks that she is a lap dog.  Which is fine now but someday she may weigh in at 150 lbs.

photo (13)

Mabel loves the yard and the freedom to check out the flowers and the bees.

photo (10)






She also likes to sunbath.  Overall I think that Mabel likes visiting Maine.  Every time I see her she has grown a lot.  I have to say that I love this dog.  I love her goofy antics when she is chasing a ball and sliding all over the floor.  I love when she pounces on an ice cube and sends it flying across the floor.  She is a puppy disguised in a very large dog body.  Mabel is fun!



I hope you all had a wonderful weekend also.  I hope it was spent with people you love, that always makes the weekend better.

Be Kind…


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