UFO’s…and I don’t mean the ones from outer space…

Dresden Plate

Dresden Plate

Once again I have entered a UFO Challenge.  As quilters, many of us have projects that we started many years ago, with the best intentions of finishing them.  Then life gets in the way, or we lose interest, or some wonderful new pattern or fabric or class grabs our attention.  Yes, we can be a very fickle group!

When I started this project I lived in upstate NY in the Helderberg mountains, in this big beautiful Victorian home.

First house - Westerlo, NY 1986

First house – Westerlo, NY 1986

The majority of the colors in the house were burgundy and green – my husbands favorite colors.  They were rich, beautiful colors that reflected the colors of the time that the house was built.  We spent 13 wonderful years living in this home.  But I digress.

The pattern for this quilt was published in American Patchwork & Quilting in April 1996.  I fell in love with it and decided to make it.  The pieces are machine pieced and machine appliqued.  The colors were perfect for the wallpaper and carpet in our bedroom at the time.  Needless to say I have lived in 3 different houses since then and the colors do not go in my bedroom any longer.  BUT… they are Victorian Christmas colors.  So I will use this as a Christmas quilt after it is completed.

one corner

one corner

I need to piece the backing and it will be dropped off at the longarm quilter in early February.  I will be dropping off 2 quilts at that point.  The second quilt is made up of hand pieced stars.  It is a sampler quilt so each block is different.  I need to finish up the borders on that one and then I will show you a picture of it.

These are 2 of the 6 quilts on my UFO list.  The prospect of getting these 2 quilts done is very exciting for me.  There is a wonderful feeling when a project that you have been working on for many years is almost done.

So quilters, knitters, crafters – go check out your stash and pull out those UFO’s and get to work.  Get them done  – you will be so happy that you have completed them.  Pat your self on the back and go start another project.

Keep creating…

Be Kind…


4 thoughts on “UFO’s…and I don’t mean the ones from outer space…

  1. Good for you for finishing these quilts after such a long time! I’m also slowly getting rid of my UFO’s (mostly garments) and it is so liberating to see that stack of plastics bags with unfinished projects get smaller.

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