It is like a Black & White movie….


It snowed here yesterday. There was no wind so the trees are still covered in the wet heavy snow. When I looked outside this morning it reminded me of a black and white movie. The sun is not shining brightly, everything is monochrome. There is no color. It is a very strange look for a place that usually is a riot of color.


Even Gracie seems to lose her color. Gracie is a chocolate lab, here she looks like a black lab.


I am a person who rarely wears earth tones, my quilts are always made with bright colors, but somehow looking out the windows it makes me want to make a black and white quilt. I will probably change my mind once the sun shines brightly again but this is where so much inspiration for quilts comes from for me. I alway say that if I could see 2 or 3 or more colors together in nature than why not put them in a quilt.


Enjoy the day. I plan on doing some cooking, quilting, knitting and football game watching. Busy day but some how very peaceful, or pieceful depending on which activity I am working on.

Be kind….


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