Grand Illusion Step 1

Every year Bonnie Hunter does a Mystery Quilt – this year the name of the mystery is Grand Illusion. The link to the mystery is Bonnie’s inspiration for the colors of this quilt was the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. MI. I have never been there but from Bonnies pictures it is a beautiful place that will bring you back to another century. Maybe that will be added to my bucket list.

I have been plugging away at getting these sections completed and I am enjoying the colors.  I am using a constant for the black and the yellow.  Sometimes if I use to many scraps I find that my quilts look a little bit muddled and I don’t want muddled quilts.

a long line of HST's

a long line of HST’s

Here I am setting up a little ironing station.  When I iron my back is to the TV and that is unacceptable.  I moved my portable ironing pad on my movable set of drawers and all is good.

portable ironing station

portable ironing station


I am currently half way through my “broken dishes” blocks – I have a Christmas party to go to tonight so I will not be sewing but I hope to complete them on Friday so that I can start step 2 over the weekend.

work in progress

work in progress


Happy Stitching everyone.


Be Kind…


4 thoughts on “Grand Illusion Step 1

  1. Your units look great and I like the constant black, it looks like snow!! This is my second MQ with Bonnie and I love it also.

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