I have been very busy.  I have sewed, canned, cleaned, played, shopped and celebrated a birthday.

This past weekend I canned 10 pints of dill pickles.  I can’t wait to try them but I like to let them sit for a few weeks before I open and taste them.


I have started a new project – It is yet another Hexie project.  It is English Paper Piecing from the book The New Hexagon by Katja Marek.  Every month a new block is released – it started in January but I didn’t get clued in until recently so I am a little bit behind.  Thankfully it is not a race, but it is something that I want to complete so I will continue to stitch away.

Center of first Hexie - lots more to add.

Center of first Hexie – lots more to add.

This is the fabric that I started with.  Fussy cut to make the first Hexie.

This is the fabric that I started with. Fussy cut to make the first Hexie.

I spent the weekend making myself a new bag.  I am a sucker for bags with lots of pockets and compartments.  I saw a post on Facebook – it was a pattern for sale on Craftsy called The Bionic Gear Bag.  Let me tell you, if you a sucker for a bag with a place for everything this is the bag for you.  It is designed by Sally Thompson – it is wonderful.  There is a tutorial on line to tell you how to put it all together and I made it in a few hours.

The Bionic Gear Bag closed

The Bionic Gear Bag closed

The Bionic Gear bag opened!

The Bionic Gear bag opened!

This bag has a slot or pocket for everything.  Since you are making it yourself you can really customize it to take care of whatever needs you have.  It holds threads, pins, needles, scissors, rotary cutters, thimbles, rulers, snips, purple “thangs”, pin cushions and tons of other stuff you can fit in the bag.  It all zips closed to hold everything in its proper place.  It is wonderful!

We went to the nursery to find a new tree that will be planted at the end of the month.  Of course we brought our puppies with us.  They love riding in the car.


I saw this sign and loved the message.


My son gave me a new toy… it is a dehydrator.  I am going to use it to dry some of my herbs.  I have a lot of Sage, parsley, thyme, and chives to dry.  How nice not to have to buy them and not know where they came from.  I will also try some fruits and maybe beef jerky if I am so inclined.  It should be a fun new toy and remarkably it is a gadget that I didn’t already have.


new toy!

new toy!



Soooo…. that is what I have been up to lately.  Next weekend I think that I am going to make some homemade Salsa.  It is always a hit and I used the last jar weeks ago.  I will admit that I was hoarding it – just didn’t want to crack open the last jar.

Enjoy the summer – the weather here has been perfect.

Be Kind….


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