Flying Geese


Bonnie posted the the second step in the Easy Street Mystery Quilt last Friday. I pulled out my purples and black on white background fabrics. Dug out my rulers and was ready to start cutting. After careful inspection of my rulers I realized that I had one of the rulers (the Easy Angle Ruler) but I didn’t have the Companion Ruler. Major Frustration!!!!!  The flying geese shown above look good but just don’t measure up.  They need to be 1 1/2″ x 3″ to fit properly in the quilt.  Mine just aren’t right.  Always be sure to check and measure your completed units before you really get going.  If I had continued to work with these sections as they are I would have had a mess eventually.  Measuring as you move along is so very important.  Remember measure twice cut once.  In this case I needed to measure more than twice.

Ready to be cut into 2" strips.

Ready to be cut into 2″ strips.


This step requires 128 flying geese. To accomplish that you start out with alot of 2″ strips. I am cutting the 2″ strips at this point. Then I will cut the “wings” of the geese out of the black on white background fabric. I will use the Easy Angle Ruler to finish this.

My new Companion Ruler has been ordered from Keepsake Quilting and should arrive within the next few days. You know that as soon as that ruler is in my hot little hand I will be cutting geese so that I can get this step completed.

My fabrics are pulled and some of them are stripped.


Enjoy the process.


Be Kind….


6 thoughts on “EASY STREET PART 2

  1. It’s a shame your geese aren’t quite right, because they look beautiful.
    My rulers have just arrived, so I’ll be cutting my geese this afternoon.

  2. I love your black on white fabric – being a musician it fits perfectly in my mind. Hope you get your ruler soon. I had ordered one too, and it still hasn’t come. Fortunately, I found a shop kinda close by that had the ruler, so I’m in business. Good luck!

  3. Your geese are beautiful! I’m sorry they didn’t quite make the right size. I struggled myself with my geese and I had the rulers–LOL!

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