Walk on the Beach….

Do I really want to go swimming today?

Do I really want to go swimming today?

On Christmas morning we went for a walk on the beach.  It was snowing alittle bit and it was cold but it was so refreshing and such a nice way to spend some family time together.  There were very few people on the beach so we took Gracie off of her leash.  She was one happy dog!  You could almost see her smiling.

Happy dog!

Happy dog!

When I saw Chuck take Gracie’s leash off the first thingI said was “I wonder how long it will be before she is in the water?”  I don’t think that I could have counted to ten before she was bee lining towards the water.

in she goes

in she goes

We had such a good time letting her run – and run she did!  She darted in and out of the water, she ran towards us like she was going to run right smack into us and then she would veer off.  This dog was Happy, Happy, Happy!  The perfect Christmas present for Gracie.

We are so blessed to live so close to the beach.  We can go for a walk by the ocean everyday.  Of course we need to dress a bit differently at this time of year but that is OK we love it.

Flotsam & jetsam & snow on the beach.

Flotsam & jetsam & snow on the beach.

We got a good amount of snow yesterday and hopefully we will go snowshoeing this weekend.  They are talking about another storm on Sunday.  I would love it if we got more snow.  Another walk on the beach might be on the TO DO list for this weekend.  In addition to taking all of the decorations down and cleaning the house.

Have a great day….if you live in an area where you have snow go for a walk in the brisk winter air.

Be Kind….


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