It started to snow yesterday around 4:00 and snowed until this morning.  This time it was just snow so it is the light fluffy snow.  I love to see the tree branches coated with the snow in the morning light.

Big Old Oak tree

Big Old Oak tree

I love the way the snow just sits on top of everything it lands on.

Front Light

Front Light

I love the snow before we walk in it, or plow it out of the way.  It looks so pristine and fresh. It is almost time to un-decorate the house.  I will do that tomorrow – I was talking about taking it down in bits and pieces but I know that will not happen.  Once I get started I will not stop until it is all packed up and put away for another 11 months.  I have promised myself to get started on my Christmas shopping and sewing much earlier in 2013.  It should be interesting to see if I actually do it.  It is not a resolution but it is something that I would like to accomplish.

Front Yard

Front Yard

I was thinking about going snowshoeing but the wind has really picked up and I really don’t like the feel of snow whipping into my face so I will probably wait until the winds die down a bit.

I have 2 loaves of honey Oatmeal Bread in the oven and it smells soooo good.  I am thinking of making some Clam Chowder to go with the soup for later.  I will get some sewing done and watch some football.  It will be a lazy day and that is good.  Homemade Bread and chowder, a fire in the fireplace and football on the TV.  Sounds like a plan to me.

Have a nice winter day!

Be Kind….


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