A bright Tuesday morning…





It is a beautiful Tuesday morning here on the coast of Maine.  The sun is shining and wonderful things are popping up through the dirt.  Several years ago I had pots of Pansies on my side steps.  The past 2 years they have come back – I have not planted a Pansy in 2 years but there they are smiling up at me when I walk out the door to get the paper every morning.  I love Pansies!

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves


Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves










I have been doing alot of sewing/quilting lately.  This pattern is called Fruit Cake – it is made using a collection of fabrics called a Layer Cake – A layer cake is 10″ precut blocks.  I love the batiks in this quilt – it reminds me of the sun shining on the waves in the summer.  The edge is praire points – these are squares of fabric folded and added to the edge.  I machine quilted this quilt with my new sewing machine.  I used an entire spool of thread on this quilt.  Thankfully I ran out just as I came to the last stitch.  Happy, Happy!


Another project that I am working on is Potholder quilts for our returning soldiers and veterans.  My quilt chapter is of course helping me with this project.  We will be making 12.5″ finished blocks that are quilted and bound.  We then stitch them together to make a whole quilt.

pratice block - oops too small

pratice block – oops too small

Ohio Star blocks 12.5" quilted and bound.  Just hand stitching left.

Ohio Star blocks 12.5″ quilted and bound. Just hand stitching left.












We are hoping to have a pile of quilts done by Veterans Day 2013.  I was inspired to start this project by a lecture given by Pam Weeks who is the curator of the New England Quilt Museum.  Pam wrote the book  Civil War Quilts and came and did a lecture about the quilts that were made by the woman of New England for the soldiers in the Civil War.  It is a fascinating book and story of what women did to help the war effort.

2 blocks for our Potholder quilts

2 blocks for our Potholder quilts

These are 2 of the blocks that I made for the Potholder quilts.  They didn’t take me too much time and I really enjoyed digging through my Red, White and Blue fabrics to make some Patriotic Blocks.


My project for today is to get the binding on my Easy Street Quilt.  My friend Clara did the longarm quilting on this quilt for me.  It is much to big for me to quilt on my sewing machine.  Someday I may have the confidence to quilt a quilt this large but not yet.  Hopefully I will have a picture for you within the next few days.

Enjoy the beautiful sunny day…


Be Kind…








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