Lots of work being done around here….

Genevieve  Crabapple tree in bloom.

Genevieve Crabapple tree in bloom.


Spring is here and so is the season for home improvements. The first project that we had to undertake was to replace the windows in our sunroom. We had replaced 1 window several years ago but since then 3 others have lost their seal. When double paned windows lose their seal they cloud up. We have a beautiful back yard and we just didn’t feel like looking at it through “frosted” windows.


windows removed

windows removed

Of course the day they removed the windows was a beautiful sunny day – until all of the windows were removed.  It got overcast and windy and the entire house was freezing.

All new windows - clear and clean.  No frost!

All new windows – clear and clean. No frost!


Our next project was the Pool!  A lot of the tile had come loose and needed to be replaced.  We had to have it pulled off, cleaned up and replaced.

Almost empty pool

Almost empty pool

Work in progress – it was a messy job but the results were so wonderful.


clean pool retiled

clean pool retiled

taken from inside of empty pool

taken from inside of empty pool


I am very pleased with the pool now – it is refilled and almost ready to swim in.  Of course it is only 50 degrees here today so it is not likely that we will be doing any swimming any time soon.







I love Spring but this year it has been very cool here.  I look at the forecast for other parts of the Northeast and I am very envious.  It is cold here.  I can’t plant my veggie garden because the ground is just too cold.  The tomatoes and pepper like warm ground and there is none of that around here.  Hopefully next week it will warm up and I can get all of the wonderful plants that I bought into the ground.


Tomorrow I will have some pictures of quilts that I have completed or started recently.   Some very pretty things to see, if I may say so myself.

Have a wonderful day…

Be Kind…












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