Nothing quite as good…..

as sleeping under a new quilt, that you made yourself.

Easy Street

Easy Street

The first quilt that you see here is my Easy Street quilt, designed by Bonnie Hunter.  I have posted previously about my progress on this quilt.  It was Bonnie’s mystery quilt this past November.  It started the day after Thanksgiving and Bonnie posted her last series of instructions in February.  I loved making this quilt.  I learned several new techniques and the use of some new time saving rulers.  Such Fun!!!  I took a class with Bonnie in May a was able to show her my completed quilt.  That was a lot of fun. 

I took this picture on one of the few nice days we have had here lately.  While a lot of the country has been experiencing late Spring it still feels like April around here.



I am a member of the Pine Tree Quilt Guild and of the local chapter Evergreen Quilters.  Every May we have a Tea Party.  We ask members of our chapter to bring their quilts and give us a show.  They tell us about how they got started quilting and they show us some of their wonderful quilts.  We have some very talented quilters in our group and I always look forward to them showing us their treasures.  As a bit of a reward for their effort and a show of appreciation members of the group make them a gift.  This year I offered to make a wall hanging for one of the presenters.

Spring Skinnie

Spring Skinnie

The pattern is called Spring Skinnie.  It was published in the March/April ’13 issue of Quiltmaker.  I had such a fun time pulling colorful scraps to make this quilt.  I did all of the stitching by machine.  I am going to make myself one also.  Maybe this weekend since it is supposed to be rainy and cool.

The one advantage to the miserable weather that we have been having is that I don’t mind having a quilt in my lap to work on.  When it is hot and muggy I don’t want to do hand work because I get too warm.  These days with the heat off (it is after all the end of May) having a quilt in my lap is actually a good thing.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  I hope wherever you are it is nicer than it is here.

Be Kind…



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