Mabel the Mastiff visits Maine…

Hmmm - how do I get up there?

Hmmm – how do I get up there?

Memorial Day weekend was a raining cold one here in Maine. I almost turned on the heat but it was the end of May and I totally refused to turn it on. I cooked and baked instead. That warmed up the kitchen and family room, which is really just one big room.


Is there something good to eat in there?

Yes, I am being a good girl.  But don't blink...

Yes, I am being a good girl. But don’t blink…

My son Charles, his girlfriend Charlotte and MABEL came to visit. Mabel is a 12 week old English Mastiff puppy. She already weighs 27 lbs. Yikes she is growing fast. She is a puppy and does all the wonderful and annoying puppy things. She tumbles over herself, she pounces on everything that she finds and she chews. She chews pant legs, bones, toys and hands. I was lucky enough to avoid the little shark teeth and came through the weekend unscathed, I can’t say the same for the other members of the family.

Oh dear - I am in love!!!  Are you sure you want to take her home.

Oh dear – I am in love!!! Are you sure you want to take her home.

Mabel is quite the little con-artist… she makes you think that she is just a sweet puppy until she decides to pounce on your fingers or hand or ankle. OUCH! what a jaw she has, but somehow it doesn’t matter – you just keep loving her and going back for more. Mabel is totally irresistible! I just love this “little” puppy.

Those toes are very vulnerable!

Those toes are very vulnerable!


I am being a really good girl - but just wait.  HaHa...

I am being a really good girl – but just wait. HaHa…


The same can’t be said for Gracie our almost 5 year old Chocolate Lab. At first she was ok with Mable but after awhile she had had enough and just barked at Mabel. Being the puppy that she is Mabel just didn’t get the hint – she kept begging Gracie to play with her but Gracie wanted no part of it. Imagine a teenager with a 3 year old, “Please, Please, Please play with me!!!! Please, please, please!!! Gracie just barked and said NO BUG OFF!!! Gracie doesn’t mind if you are in her house, she doesn’t mind if you play with her toys but just don’t bug her. You stay on your side of the room and I will stay on my side.

So on Monday – Memorial Day when it was time for the kids and Mabel to go home the weather was beautiful. Isn’t that always the way? Your travel days are always beautiful.

We had a wonderful weekend playing with this wonderful new addition to the family.  The concept of her being over 100 lbs. isn’t really anything that I can comprehend but in a year she will not be sleeping on my lap.  The most wonderful thing about Mastiffs is that they are gentle giants – just don’t threaten their family and you will be fine.

I hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend.

Be Kind…


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