Latest Quilt challenge….

Fabrics for Challnge

Fabrics for Challnge

Back in April we signed up for a challenge at Evergreen Quilters – we were given 21 8″ blocks. I wrote about it here –   I had an idea of what I wanted make but I have to admit that I procrastinated for over a month and then I started cutting and paper piecing the background.  I used my Electric Quilt program to print up several various 4″ log cabin blocks.  My plan was to use the fabrics to make a background for my garden.  The lower part of the quilt is the ground and the steps into the garden.  There is a stone path and as your eyes work upward the sun is setting.  I was thinking of a fall sunset with all of the reds and oranges as the sun goes down.  Ok, so you may need to use your imagination but that is what creating a quilt from a disjointed pile of fabrics is about.

Flower Garden Challenge Quilt

Flower Garden Challenge Quilt

I added bias cut stems and 3 dimensional flowers.  I am really pleased with the final outcome.

3 Dimensional Flowers

3 Dimensional Flowers

I neglected to take a picture of all of the wonderful creations that my fellow quilters made.  Silly me, but they were amazing!!!

I have a ton of projects in the pipeline – several with deadlines.  So I will be very busy in the next few weeks.  I also have pickles to pickle and salsa to make so it will be a crazy few weeks.  Life is good – fall is coming and I am ok with it all.

Be Kind…


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