Creatively Distracted……

unfinished projects

unfinished projects


The weather is beautiful today – the next few days we have 80 degrees predicted and then rain.  So I would rather be outside walking on the beach than working.  But alas I need to work to continue with my creative habits.  As I have mentioned before I purchased a spinning wheel.  Oh the fun I am having!! I have worked with 4 different rovings since I brought my machine home.  It is really amazing to see the difference in the yarns that I am spinning.  I do see some improvement.

I plied 2 strands of spun yarn to have a thicker yarn.  The fiber that I was spinning had lots of variations in the color.  I am really please with the results of the yarn – the variation in color reminds me of the ocean.

while still in the process of being spun

while still in the process of being spun

This is the yarn after I spun the 2 strands together.  Pretty cool don’t you think.  I think this will be knitted into a Christmas present for someone who will remain nameless.

photo (17)


the last of my fiber to be spun until the end of next week

 –  the last of my fiber to be spun until the end of next week

So I will finish up this fiber that you see above and then I will dive into my quilting.  I am going to promise myself that I will work on my quilting at least 2 hours every night.  The way that I am talking it sounds like a punishment – it of course is not – I love to quilt and to make quilts but I am like a kid with an attention deficit problem – I keep flitting from project to project.  Lots of fun flitting!!!

So my spinning is part of my distraction – the nice weather is part of my distraction – the desire to cook (because of the cooler weather) is part of the distraction.  But as you can see by the photo at the top of the page there are quilts to be finished.  1 is a baby quilt, 2 are Christmas quilts that I have been working on for years, one is a mystery that needs to be marked for quilting and then quilted.  Plus I have many other projects on my shelves waiting for my attention.  I also have not mentioned the unfinished sweaters that are in the bags by my couch.  Far too much to do and far too little time for it.  There needs to be more time in the day, if only I didn’t need to sleep I would be getting much more done.

Remember to let your creativity shine – it is fun and rewarding.

Be Kind…


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