Wow – 1 year anniversary!

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Who would have thunk it???  I wrote my first blog post over a year ago.  I have really enjoyed sharing my world with you and I hope that you have enjoyed taking a peak.  This fall has been very busy – we have done a bit of traveling, we have watched our beloved Red Sox win the World Series, I have worked on many charity projects and Chuck has removed bags and bags of leaves from the yard.  Over the next couple of days I will share a lot of the wonderful pictures that I have taken and tell you about some of our adventures.

In September Chuck and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary.  Don’t ask me where those 28 years went.  It is pretty nice to be married to and spend everyday with your BFF.  We really enjoy each others company, we look forward to spending time together.  That is a really good thing because we work together also.

We took a trip to Bar Harbor in October.  Thankfully the idiots in Washington had re-opened the Federal Government so we could walk through Acadia National Park with out “breaking” the law.  I have some really pretty pictures from our walk around Eagle Lake.  It was mid-October so the trees were in full color.

leaves on the carriage road around Eagle Lake

leaves on the carriage road around Eagle Lake

I have been very busy being the President of Evergreen quilters.  We hosted 85 quilters from all over southern Maine for a pot luck dinner and speaker.  We had a wonderful meeting and handed out some fabulous door prizes.  Leroy the Chicken was one of the door prizes.



Leroy is a very large pin cushion.  I need to make one for myself.  I would love to have Leroy keep me company while I sew.  I would just need to keep him away from Gracie -he is stuffed with crushed walnut shells.  It seems Gracie likes to eat pin cushions that are filled with crushed walnut shells.  She devoured Henrietta the hen a few months ago.  Bad Dog!

So stay tuned – I have loads of wonderful things for you to see and read about.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog – I really enjoy the creative outlet that it gives me.  I also love to share bits and pieces of my daily life here on the coast of Southern Maine.

Remember…. Be Kind…


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