Bass Harbor Light House…

Bass Harbor Light

Bass Harbor Light

In mid October Chuck and I took a couple of days off and headed Down East.  Our destination was Mount Desert Island.  We try to get to Bar Harbor once a year.  It is one of our favorite parts of Maine.  We love Acadia National Park and if you have never been there it is definitely worth the drive.  It is an amazing mixture of mountains and ocean.  Towering pines, crashing waves, amazing wild life and a wonderful place to relax, walk, ride a bike and see nature.

On the second day that we were there the day started out rainy and dreary.  Not a great day to take a long walk.  We decided to take a short drive to Southwest Harbor – the most southwest corner of Mount Desert Island.  It is also the location of Bass Harbor Light.

Bass Island Light

Bass Island Light

This lighthouse is perched on the very edge of the rocks.  The views are amazing, even on a drizzly day.  We were on the edge of the rocks looking down on the crashing waves.

To the left of the Light house there is a path that brings you down through the woods to more rocks.  It would have been a great place to bring a picnic.  There was a very steep set of wooden steps that brought you even closer to the water.IMG_2521

I love walking through the woods on a rainy day – it reminds me of playing in the woods behind the house with my sisters when we were kids.


There is a certain scent in the piney woods that can’t be duplicated by a candle or any thing else artificial.  It is a the smell of the woods – I can’t find the words to describe it, but I love it.

We wandered around the lighthouse area taking pictures and talking to other visitors, then we hopped back in the car. The rain was letting up just as the weatherman had predicted.  We drove through Southwest harbor – stopping at a local quilt shop to pick up a couple of yards of fabric to supplement the stash.  Then on to Eagle Lake for our hike.  We had our knapsack packed with some trail mix, cheese, apples and a couple of bottles of water.  The hike was a 6.1 mile walk.  I will write a post about that in the near future.

Off to my sewing machine to work on a quilt for the veterans.  Love being in front of my sewing machine!

Be Kind…


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