Eagle Lake – Acadia National Park….

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake

So the plan was to take a walk around Eagle Lake and then go to The Jordan Pond House for Tomato Bisque soup and Popovers. I am sure, had the day gone according to plan that I would have added a nice glass of dry white wine to that order.  But the best laid plans do not always happen.

We had explored Bass Harbor Light that morning and had gone back towards Bar Harbor to park the car and start our walk.  We had a little knapsack packed with water and snacks.  We had our guide books so that we would not go the wrong way and walk even further than the 6.1 miles that we had planned.  Chuck figured that we would be finished with the walk in about an hour and a half.  I had my doubts about that – I was not going to “briskly” walk for over 6 miles.  I wanted to see the beautiful scenery, take pictures of lake and the foliage.  I wanted to stop and listen to the birds and the babbling brooks.

photo (30)

I wanted to savor the entire experience.

photo (32)

Well, I thought that it was a walk around the lake.  Haha – it was an uphill walk around the lake.  Of course when you go uphill you must go down hill.  It turned out to be a beautiful day. The sun came out – the temps were around 58 degrees and the views were breathtaking.

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake

It took us over 2 hours to finish the walk and by the time we were finished I was a sweaty mess.  I had stripped off my windbreaker/rain jacket.  My very light weight polartec was tied around my waist – the sleeves on my long sleeve t-shirt were pushed up as far as they would go and my new Red Sox cap was on only to hide the mess that was my hair.  Not to mention that I had a huge blister on both the bottom of my foot and my heel.

Carriage Path

Carriage Path

It was a beautiful walk – in a beautiful place with my best friend.  It was never a race, it was always a journey.  I love to walk – I have found that Maine is a beautiful place to walk.  When you live by the ocean you have the advantage of seeing the ever changing seasons.  The Sea looks beautiful in all seasons – but it can change from hour to hour depending upon the weather.

Needless to say we did not go to the Jordan Pond House for tomato bisque, popovers and wine.  I would not be seen in public.  I skulked back to the car – chugged a bottle of water and we went back to our rooms.  Thankfully I was a girl scout in a previous life so I was prepared and had brought cheese, crackers, salami and a bottle of both white and red wine.  The white wine was chilled to perfection and the cheese and crackers tasted wonderful.

We relaxed, showered and walked to dinner.  The completion of a wonderful day.  Thankfully the Red Sox were traveling that day so we didn’t have to struggle to stay awake to watch the game.

Take a walk, enjoy where you live!

Be Kind…


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