Celtic Christmas…

first step cut and ready to sew

first step cut and ready to sew

It is that time of year again.  Christmas and a new Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  Bonnie Hunter – one of my favorite quilt designers has a mystery quilt every year.  It starts the day after Thanksgiving and ends some time in January, she posts new steps every week and we sew like mad to get the quilt steps done.  This year Bonnie’s quilt is called Celtic Solstice – here is the link up.


Her colors are very bright and while I am sure that her quilt will be amazing the colors just didn’t work for me.

work in progress

work in progress

So, after careful thought and a little bit of sleeplessness I came up with a solution.  I am making the quilt out of my stash of Christmas fabric.  I have been buying Christmas fabric for 30 years so I have lots of choices and fabric.  The salvage on one of the fabrics said 1991.  Yup, lots of old fabric.  By using it up it will free me to buy more with no guilt!

chain sewing

chain sewing

Bonnie has given 2 sizes for this quilt – a twin/double bed size and a king size.  I have opted for the King size – that way when I am done I will have a wonderful large quilt for our bed.  I will use it every year for the month of December.

completed units

completed units

I am not yet done with the first step but I will finish it today.  I am more than half way finished and that gives me the incentive to keep my little Featherweight chugging along.  I am very happy to be using up all of this old fabric – the goal is to refrain from buying any new fabric for this quilt.  I have never done that before – and I may not be able to do it with this quilt either.  I may need to buy some fabric for the back but hopefully I can be resourceful enough to make due with what I have.

A little Christmas thought – from The Little Book of Christmas Joys – 

#248. Read “The Gift of The Magi” by O’Henry  It always brings tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart.

Be Kind…


7 thoughts on “Celtic Christmas…

    • I have read Debbie Macomber in the past – not lately. I can get a quilt done in a weekend if necessary – it depends upon how big, how many pieces, whether I am had quilting or machine quilting it. It usually take me a couple of months to piece a queen size quilt, then I take it to a longarm quilter to be quilted.

  1. I live in Connecticut and have started the1st clue however I have several Christmas gifts and fair projects I eed to finish by next weekend

    • I have several things to complete as well. My. Advice would be to do a few of each part and if time allows watch Bonnie’s quilt cam if you have questions. She answers a lot of questions during the quilt cams.

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