Spring is trying so hard to get here….

my view this morning

my view this morning

This was the view from the car window this morning on my way to the post office.  How beautiful is that?!?

We spent part of Saturday trying to get some work done outside.  It has been a very slow, cold spring here in the northeast this year.  The trees are budding and the tulips are above ground but is has been a slow moving process.


I am always excited to start to get some thing into the ground.  It is ok to plant lettuce, onions and peas this time of year.  They do not mind the cooler temperatures.  With that in mind Chuck and I decided it was time to get to work.

getting the garden ready

getting the garden ready

We like to use as much organic material in the vegetable garden as possible.  We will, after all be eating the fruits of our labor.  I am not quite so picky with the flowers as I am the veggies for obvious reasons.  I will give the flowers a shot of Miracle Gro every now and then but never the veggies.


This is the product that we use and it has worked well in the past.  It just give the garden a pick me up.

Many years ago we bought a little tiller – actually I think the technical terms is “speedy hoe”.  It helps blend the compost into the garden a bit easier and more thoroughly than by hand.

Chuck hard at work

Chuck hard at work


So my Lettuce, parsley and onions are in the ground.  We got some rain on Saturday night so everything is watered in.  Now we wait.  Hopefully we will have a productive garden this summer and we will have wonderful fresh veggies for our salads.

Enjoy the sunshine.


Be kind…







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