Great weekend….



What a great weekend I had!!!  First of all Spring has arrived and by Spring I mean warm weather without humidity.  Happy Dance!

raffle quilt in progress

raffle quilt in progress

On Saturday a group of ladies from my quilt guild got together to assemble our Raffle quilt.  It is such a good way to get a lot done in a short amount of time.  It is also a great way for beginners to learn new the finer points of getting your quilt to lay flat. There is nothing worse than a wavy quilt.  It is impossible to get it to lay flat and it is equally impossible to have it quilted.

Georgette, Carol and Terry

Georgette, Carol and Terry


Denise, Jane, Iola and Judy

Denise, Jane, Iola and Judy

Here are a couple of shots of our group at work.  We had a wonderful time and when we were done the hardest part of the quilt top was complete.  I have a couple of borders to add but they are measured and ready to be sewn on.  I will then applique some flowers around the edge to make it even prettier than it already is.

Of course Sunday was Mother’s Day – there was also a Marathon that was going right past our road.  A dear friend from Albany who grew up with our son was in the area with some of his siblings to watch his wife run the Marathon.  So while they waited for Avery to complete the run (she did very well but says she will never do it again), they came to our house for a little Brunch.  We had homemade muffins and fruit salad.

George, Katherine, me, Tommy and George plus a little bit of Chucks finger.  ;)

George, Katherine, me, Tommy and George plus a little bit of Chucks finger. 😉

It was so beautiful that we decided to eat outside.  I have not seen these wonderful young people is a long time and it was so wonderful to catch up with them and hear about the exciting lives that they are living.

The crew with Chuck.

The crew with Chuck.

I am so appreciative of the friendships that our children have developed over the years.  They are friendships that will last for the rest of their lives.  It is very easy for them to communicate with all of the new technology – one of the positives of the times.

After the kids left we went up to Portland and Chuck purchased me a wonderful a unexpected surprise Mother’s Day gift.  It is a Ball Fresh Tech Canner.  I will be able to can goodies from the garden without all the steam in the kitchen.  I will post some pictures when I use it.

The day was completed with lunch sitting outside by the river at Run of the Mill restaurant.  It is a microbrew pub and it is in an old textile mill in Saco – great lunch.

It was a sunny, warm day and I really enjoyed myself.  I had great chats with my 2 darling kids and a nice conversation with my own mother.  So overall it was a great weekend.

I hope yours was as well.

Be Kind…


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