Fun weekend & Mabel visits Maine part 2…

Jacoby Ellsbury hitting a triple

Jacoby Ellsbury hitting a triple

What a wonderful weekend I just had.  Friday night we went to Boston to see the Red Sox.  We met our daughter in Boston, sat at the bar at Jerry Remy’s, had a couple of cold beers and some nachos and just talked.  It was wonderful to have some time to just visit and be silly.  Our daughters boyfriend met us later for dinner and then we went to the game.

photo (12)

We had fabulous seats and had a really nice evening.  Got back to Maine at about midnight.  Phew long, but great day.  Sadly the Sox lost.

On Saturday our son and his girlfriend came to visit.  Of course they brought their 5 month old, 70 lb. English Mastiff named Mabel.

Mabel is a very large, very sweet dog.  She has her crazy times as do all puppies but then she gives you a big sloppy English Mastiff kiss and all is right with the world.




The weather was absolutely beautiful.  The temps are perfect, no humidity.  We had some wonderful meals together, the kids and Mabel went to the beach for a walk.

A man and his dog.

A man and his dog.

We have determined that Mabel does not like the water.  We tried to get her into the pool but she wanted no part of that.  When we brought her to the beach she skittered away from the waves.  Some dogs like the water and some just don’t.  Mabel is a don’t.

photo (14)

Mabel thinks that she is a lap dog.  Which is fine now but someday she may weigh in at 150 lbs.

photo (13)

Mabel loves the yard and the freedom to check out the flowers and the bees.

photo (10)






She also likes to sunbath.  Overall I think that Mabel likes visiting Maine.  Every time I see her she has grown a lot.  I have to say that I love this dog.  I love her goofy antics when she is chasing a ball and sliding all over the floor.  I love when she pounces on an ice cube and sends it flying across the floor.  She is a puppy disguised in a very large dog body.  Mabel is fun!



I hope you all had a wonderful weekend also.  I hope it was spent with people you love, that always makes the weekend better.

Be Kind…


Giving back…

my geraniums are finally blooming

my geraniums are finally blooming


I live in a wonderful coastal community in southern Maine.  Every summer our Community Club has a Seaside Fair.  We have local craft vendors, lobster rolls etc for lunch, a bake sale and a silent auction.  The money raised goes the the Community Club to help fund scholarships, and other community activities.  

In the winter when the summer people are gone we have movie nights, bean suppers, pot luck dinners and lots of wonderful gatherings to keep us connected during the long winters that we have in Maine.  It is a wonderful group of sharing people.

I believe in giving back.  I love to bake and I love to sew, so the logical conclusion would be that I would bake something for a bake sale and sew something for the auction table. 

As you are all aware it has been very hot lately – I don’t have central air conditioning.  UGH – my house is hot, but I needed to bake a pie last night.  I figured since I was baking 1 pie for the bake sale I may as well make one for us as well.  Nothing is much tastier than a homemade mixed berry pie  with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.  I used strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.  YUM!

Two Mixed Berry Pies

Two Mixed Berry Pies

I also made a cute little bag for the auction.  People always ask me how long it takes to make something like this.  It took me about 2 1/2 hours last night.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.  I love to work in bright colors and this just seemed very summery to me.

cute summer bag

cute summer bag

I hope that you are enduring the heat and I also hope that it breaks soon.  It is very unhealthy for many and for others it just makes us cranky.  I sadly fall into the cranky category.

Enjoy the weekend,

Be Kind…


so much fun….

photo (3)


My goodness it has been way too long since I have written anything.  Spring/Summer is a very busy time of year.  Gardens to plant, pools to open, beaches to walk on, Fourth of July parties to plan for.

Every year we have a family reunion on the 4th of July.  All of our kids and grand kids come to the house for the 4th of July week – or weekend depending upon when in the week the holiday falls.  This year the fourth was on a Thursday.  By Wednesday evening everyone who was going to make it was here.  Let the parties begin….

We eat, drink and be merry for the weekend and it is a wonderful family memory making time.  I was up early on the fourth.  These are some pictures of my backyard at about 5:45 the morning of the fourth.

photo (7)

We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful setting.

photo (8)

I love the American Flag and I fly it proudly and thank those who have sacrificed for our freedoms.

photo (6)

We had some fireworks in the yard.  The neighbors enjoy them also.  We have had so much rain this year that thankfully we didn’t need to worry about any fire dangers.

I love that we make wonderful memories with our family every summer.  We laugh, play games, and tease each other.  Love and fun are the main themes of the weekend.  Walks on the beach, swims in the pool, and lots and lots of great food.  We are all back to our normal (or not so normal) lives now and basking in the memories of a fabulous weekend together.

Next post will be back to quilting – I have been working on a lot of wonderful things but some of them have been gifts so they have to be kept under wraps.

Be thankful and Be Kind…



One of my favorite times of year…

Today am not going to write much – instead I am going to let the pictures do the talking.

Iris split and transplanted from my neighbor Helen's garden.

Iris split and transplanted from my neighbor Helen’s garden.

What a Beauty

What a Beauty

Some of my peonies.  I love them and so do the ants.










I love the way the purple of the Iris contrasts with the orange of the Poppies.  I would never think to pair these 2 colors together but nature does it and it works beautifully.






My Dogwood Tree is beginning to bloom – when this is in full bloom it is absolutely amazing!





Some of the pretty colors from my potted plants:












I hope you enjoyed this little tour of some of my flowers –

When I am struggling with color choices for a quilt, I will look at the wonderful pictures of Spring and Summer.  I usually can find the answer in the garden.  If I would see the colors together in nature then they are OK together in a quilt.  So when you are undecided walk outside – if you see it in the garden go for it you may be really pleasantly surprised.

Rain is coming tonight – we have had way more than our share of rain this Spring.  I just hope that the weather patterns change soon or we will be having a cool, damp summer.  Not good for the gardens or the local seasonal businesses.


Be Kind….



Spring in Maine…

Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts

It is hot here!  Crazy, last weekend we were all wearing sweatshirts and long pants.  Yesterday it hit 87 degrees, today and tomorrow more of the same.

One of my favorite things to do every morning is to walk around my backyard and look at the flowers that are blooming.  They are blooming in spite of the cooler weather.  My husband spread 16 yards of very dark mulch in our yard this year.  A lot of hard work, but it makes the yard look so pretty and the flowers just seem to pop with the dark mulch as a background.



It is always fun to see what pops up out of the ground.  We moved and transplanted a lot of flowers last fall and to be honest I sort of forgot what I put where.  No, I did not mark anything.  That is just not my thing, I would much rather be surprised in the Spring.

Who doesn't love a Red Rose?

Who doesn’t love a Red Rose?

I also added some new perennials this year.  We had pulled up a lot of old ground cover and needed to replace it with a garden.  It is slow going because some plants made it through the winter and others didn’t.  I am never sure what will survive and what didn’t.

This lovely little flower made it through the winter – can’t remember the name. IMG_0673

I always plant this adorable little poppies – they remind me of the crepe paper we used to decorate our classrooms with for holidays.



I will be planting my veggies now that the ground is warm.  Tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, eggplant, cukes, zucchini and lots of herbs.  Yum!!!  I also have a lot of annuals to plant in pots to beautify my yard. Love lots of flowers and color.

Enjoy your weekend – stay cool.

Be Kind…