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I love, love, love Christmas. From start to finish I love it all.

I love the smell of a real Christmas tree in the room.

I love the twinkle of the lights on the trees.

I love carefully unwrapping the ornaments and remembering who gave it to me or what vacation we brought it home from.

I love hanging Christmas quilts on the walls and thinking about the wonderful quilty friend who made it for me.

I love planning the menus for all of the Christmas related meals.

I love welcoming family and friends into my home when it is all decorated for the holiday.

I love it when my husband sets up the nativity scene that his father bought at Montgomery Wards when they were children.

I love the lack of sleep because I am trying to do just one thing to many to make it the Christmas vision in my head.

Remember why we celebrate – we are celebrating the birth of a man who preached love and forgiveness and peace. Beyond any religion we are celebrating the birth of a peacemaker. Let’s not lose sight of that. Celebrate peace and love and forgiveness this holiday season.

Be Kind….

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